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Author of the Apocalypse – DJ Cooper’s Dystopia Series

The first book in the Dystopia Series.

The collapse was the easy part…

Destiny Walters is fierce in the protection of her family. When their world begins to crumble it is up to her and those with her to find a way to survive.

Not all is what it seems with Matt, and she knows this. He’s never been committed to her, but nothing could have revealed his true intentions.     

Banding together in rural Kentucky, this small group finds enemies in their own county far more dangerous than those who would change the world. Things are off; in the world and at home. This small group strives to connect with their community and rely on one another for security.     

Beginning of the End is an emotional ride through the end of the world. One where community is key and an ideal read for fans of Alas Babylon and Lights out

D. J. Cooper’s first novel and the first book in the Dystopia series. A story of today, in our current world of uncertainty, anything could go wrong and bring our way of life to an end.

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The camps were no place for anyone to be…    

John and Amy Thought Matt was over reacting when he said “Leave now!” It was all wrong, The news was reporting Ebola, but nothing about the real crisis, first the banking holiday and then the troops at the old Fort Devons, they knew they had to leave or they too would end up in a camp.

     The decision to leave their home was tough on Amy. She was not a prepper like John. Amy had to adapt and learn with the others just to survive.

     Hauling with them, a rag tag band of misfits on a journey from New England to Kentucky to find their families would be a hard one.

    Second in the Dystopia series. The story follows the friends from the north as they fight their way to what they hoped would be safety. Perfect for readers who enjoyed The 5th Wave and The Road

More in the series, a Character Novel – Book III

Battered and drowning, Rita finds herself alone….   

 Lost and alone, her memory gone, Rita struggles to remember who she is and why she was in the river.

     She finds herself in the hands of the enemy and must find a way to save her son. Her only escape is threatened by the very memories she’s lost.

     Without a location for Dez and the others, she must rely on her wits and an unlikely ally to get to her son and safety.

     Secrets surrounding the ‘reset’ come to light and the evil behind it is revealed In this, the third book in the Dystopia Series. Those who thought her long dead, come to find revelation in her emergence and betrayal in their midst. An ideal read for fans of Hunger Games and The 5th Wave.

4th book in the Dystopia Series

Dez lay shot – The fate of the farm precarious.    

A shocking betrayal tears at the very foundation of the group.

     Arrival of their friends from the north brought not only joy but death. An outlaw gang threatens their home and lives. She’s back, with vengeance and hate, Morgan will stop at nothing to destroy what they’d built.

     In the days following the reset, chaos rules and the world is a different place. In only a few short months, cities have gone mad, countryside burned, and the dark days had begun.

     Dark Days is an emotional ride through the end of the world.  It’s not just the end of the world, it could mean the end of everything. An ideal read for fans of Alas Babylon and Lights out.

Nine Meals from Anarchy

Mankind is only nine meals from anarchy — Alfred Henry Lewis

The electric is out, and no one knows for how long. Quick thinking may save them, but death is right at the door.

Jim and Ike begin to scavenge supplies; but they could never have imagined the horror lurking in the shadows. They must decide; stay and face pure evil in their own neighborhood or leave for safety of friends and family and face the gangs.

Imagine if you will an event that will change everything; how quickly mankind will descend into…


Take a journey of three days’ time and witness it for yourself.  The first of the Nine Meals from Anarchy Series of stand-alone tales to make you think…

What if…

Other Works

Writers were given a task…

Author of the Apocalypse DJ Cooper adds to the Apocalyptic Winter anthology.

One of the most challenging things about an apocalyptic tale is the weather.

Can you describe an apocalyptic event from the perspective of winter survival? Will your characters be miserable, or will they be joyful? Is there happiness or will it only show the misery? The choices are yours on a few conditions: All of the following words must be included in the story

  1. Christmas Tree
  2. Serving Spoon
  3. Bear
  4. Secret
  5. Scarf

An Anthology – Freedom Isn’t Free

100% of the proceeds from this e-book will be donated to the Disabled American Veterans organization.

Soldiers, veterans, warriors and more are sprinkled throughout the stories and poems in this collection. Six authors come together to entertain you for a few hours while raising money for an organization devoted to the needs of our American Veterans. Please help us by ordering your copy today!