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April 5-7

Millbrook, Alabama 36054

“THE COME AS YOU ARE APOCALYPSE” is the theme for the event in the southern town of Spectre which was built as a movie set (It has Never Been Torn Down!) This is just a couple night get together of like minded people in the prepping community and apocalyptic writers, readers and YouTube channel fans. When a mega disaster hits all you will have is your friends, your gear and your wits and that has been the opening scenario of many books and many real-life situations.

Come and try out your skills, hang out, get books from me and other authors. Head over to The Written Apocalypse for more information and sign ups.

Past Events

September 21st


Self Reliance Expo

National Western Complex

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October 12th


Bullseye Preparedness & Outdoors Expo

Charleston Civic Center

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